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The Guru has been asked:

I am looking for a part for a uterine injection cannula. It is a piece that looks like a Hershey Kiss. We keep getting the wrong part. Our cannula is very old but still functional.

The Guru answered:

The instrument you are looking for is a "Small Acorn Cone for Cohen Cannula." Part number: 72-5200119S.

The Guru has been asked:

Hi. I am looking for an OMS handpiece, gold colour about 15 cm long with a white cord and two pieces of tubing? On it is writen "TAC 1MM 1501." Thanks.

The Guru answered:

This is a TAC reusable Vitrectomy Handpiece, typically used in older OMS (Optical Micro Systems) or the AMO vitrectomy machine or phaco machine.

The Guru has been asked:

Our Neurosurgeon does not like any of the tapered suction tube we have gotten in for him. He uses a set of Fujita suctions and we can’t find these.

The Guru answered:

Fujita is a Japanese company and has a US-based distributor called PMT Corporation, based in MN. Their phone number is 952-470-0866. The product numbers you supplied match up to their items.

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