Eye Surgical Instrument Brochures



A sampling of our best-selling cannulas including air injection, McIntyre-Binkhorst, Lachrymal, Knolle, Anterior Chamber, Hydro Dissection, Slade, Graether, Bishop Harmon, and more.



Femtosecond Laser

Speculums, choppers, forceps, flap lifters, double-ended instruments, and more.


IA Tips and Handpieces

Titanium handle which disassembles for thorough cleaning and inspection, designed with fewer nooks and crannies, and reduces the risk of contamination. Light-weight, glare-free. A large selection of tip styles and port sizes are available. Tips can be rotated intraoperatively.



Pupil Dilators

Effective and simple dilation via multiple points through a 2.5 or 3 mm incision. Available in five styles.


Retina Forceps and Scissors - Reusable

23 and 30 gauge vitreo-retinal scissors and forceps, protective cleaning cover. Scissors in curved, straight, and straight-blunt. Forceps in asymmetrical, end-gripping, delicate serrated, smooth tip, and Rassam membrane picking forceps.



Retinal Cannulas and Backflush

Infusion, silicone oil, self-retaining sutureless, self-retaining silicone oil sutureless, and dual bore cannulas. Backflush instruments (reusable and disposable), reservoirs, and silicone tips.


Retinal Implants

Solid silicone implants and sponge silicone implants including tires, circling bands, sleeves, grooved strips, meridional implants, concave, radial wedge, and more.



Sapphire Knives

Crisp, sharp and precise incisions for faster healing and less scarring. High density gemstones with no metal particles to leave in tissues. Lightweight, durable Titanium handles.


Vitrectomy Products

25 gauge trocar system, cutters, fiber optic probes, and cannulas (brush, soft, and Charles Flute tips).