Metal Sterilization Trays

Metal Sterilization Tray Features

  • Stainless Steel Trays With or Without Lids - Perforated bottom and lid. Removable lid with positive locking latch.

  • Open Flash Sterilization Trays - Stainless steel pan, bottom drainage perforation, solid side, safety hook on both ends for easy removal from autoclave. With or without lids. Safety handle available.

  • General Surgical Instrument Trays - Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, medical-grade silicone.

  • Specialty Instrument Trays - Protect specialty surgical instruments like Bipolar Forceps, Osteotomes, Burs, Curettes, Ring Retractors, Aneurysm Clips, Dilators, Bougies, and more.

Metal Sterilization Tray Best Sellers

Extensive line of sterilization tray products including retractor cases, rongeur cases, metal cases with insert trays, osteotome cases, mesh boxes, trays with lids, stainless steel trays, flash trays, and more.