Scope & Laparoscopic Instrument Trays

Endoscope Sterilization Tray Features

  • Plastic scope trays with prefix 96- are sterilizable by all standard methods.

  • 95-Series trays are designed to encase instruments during processing and are safe for all standard methods: Autoclave/dry heat up to 360°F, ETO, and Cold Solutions.

  • Nylon coated handle compartment for easy access.

  • Adjustment holes for movable silicone inserts to accommodate any size laparoscopic instrument (Pediatric and adult).

  • Top side handles for easy transfer, improving mechanics and reducing potential contamination.

Scope and Laparoscopic Instrument Tray Best Sellers

Extensive line of products including for scopes, laparoscopic, and bariatric instruments, including cases with brackets, plastic scope trays with bars, and more.