Plastic Instrument Trays

Plastic Instrument Tray Features

  • Plastic trays are sterilizable by all standard methods.
  • Trays are designed to encase instruments during processing. Safe for all standard methods. Autoclave/dry heat up to 360°F, ETO, and Cold Solutions.
  • Flexibility of layout. Finger-tip mats and "plug-in" inserts available for individual instruments.
  • Unique, "grid" system in all bases, trays, and lids makes it easy to install mats or inserts to protect your instruments.
  • Stackable. Integral feet on bases and corner ridges on lids allow for easier handling in autoclaves and storage.
  • All bases have pebble-like surface to prevent mats from sticking.
  • Single- and double-level trays to handle different instrument quantities. Double-level trays come with a removable upper-level insert and mat.
  • Tray dimensions designed to accommodate a variety of instrument sizes and shapes.
  • Molded from SABIC's ULTEM resin, using mold flow analysis to guarantee product strength, structural integrity, and extended life cycle.

Plastic Instrument Tray Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of plastic sterilization trays.