Sterilization Trays

Sterilization Tray Features

  • We offer a large selection of instrument containers and stainless steel ware backed by expert customer support.
  • Fast delivery!
  • Autoclavable plastic instrument trays with features such as silicone mats and bars, and insert trays.
  • Closed containers for Immediate Use / Flash Sterilization
  • Extensive line of micro instrument trays ideally designed to support micro instruments.
  • Laparoscopic, Cath, Mayo, and Rigid Endoscope trays with repositionable silicone inserts.
  • Metal Instrument Trays with and without lids.
  • Instrument Stringers and Instrument Racks in a variety of sizes and with varying methods of closure.
  • Closed Container Systems
  • Cleaning Baskets
  • Surgical instrument cleaning and decontamination products, including nylon and metal brushes.
  • Racks specifically designed for alligator forceps, rongeurs, curettes, osteotomes, picks, knives, probes, R-Type dissector sets, orthopedic wires and drill sets, and more!