Lap & Endo Instrument Brochures


Pediatric Laparoscopic Instrument

Pediatric Laparoscopic Instruments including graspers, dissectors, scissors, needle holders, laparoscopes, electrodes, cannulas, and trocar products. Various sizes and handles available.



Fallopian Ring Applicator

Female sterilization by means of Silastic Ring Applicator is a clinically well-established procedure based on decades of experience. Our instruments are completely reusable and fully autoclavable. They are manufactured of the highest grade materials by experienced and skilled craftsmen.


Laparoscopic Articulating Retractor

For the retraction of organs and structures during laparoscopic procedures. Simply adjust the form of the tip using the wheel in the handle.



Laparoscopic Trocar Incision Closure Reusable System

Reusable trocar incision wound closure device. Ideal for all laparoscopic procedures including bariatrics.


Reusable Lap Instruments

Multi-functional laparoscopic instruments. Choose from many handle styles, three instrument styles, 33cm or 45cm lengths, and dozens of dissectors, graspers, forceps, and scissors.



Lap Needle Electrodes

Monopolar needle electrodes for laparoscopic surgery. Retractable needle electrodes for precise lap cutting and coagulation.


Lap Reusable Trocars

Stainless steel with trumpet valve - straight and 45 degree angle - standard and threaded. Spring loaded, hasson, reducers, dilation sets, cleaning brushes, sealing caps, and more.



Lap Clip Applier and Needle Holders

Laparoscopic clip appliers and needle holders for 5mm and 10mm single clip application, modular 3-piece needle holders, custom lengths, and more.


Endoscope Holder Positioner

Multiple types of instrument holders that mount to accessory rails. Stainless steel, autoclavable.



Lap Bariatric Instruments

Laparoscopic surgical instruments in 45cm length including slide locking wave grasper, Nathanson retractors, Martin Arm and incision site closure device.


Nathanson Retractors

Nathanson Retractors in 5.0 and 6.5mm diameter. Features measurement chart and ordering information.



Lap Knot Pusher

Nine styles of laparoscopic knot pushers.


Articulating Fan Retractors

A wide variety of fan retractors, elevators, levelers, and Nathanson-style liver retractors.