Electrosurgical Instrument Brochures


Bipolar Bayonet Forceps - Full Line

Yasargil, Cushing, Hardy, Scoville, Gerald, K-Yasargil, MIS K-Yasargil, Malis, Key and Keyfin, Semkin, and more. In handswitch, non-stick, titanium, and more.



Bipolar Bayonet Forceps Non-Stick

Compare to Stryker*, Silverglide*, Codman's* Mallis, and Integra's* Buz Lite.


Bipolar Cables - Best Sellers

Our best selling bipolar cables, with angled and pin connectors, available individually or in packs of three.



Bipolar Forceps Best Sellers

Our best selling bipolar forceps including patterns such as Adson, Jewlers, and Yasargil, and bayonet styles.


Bipolar Surgical Cut-Coag Scissors

Bipolar Cut-Coagulating Scissors in two tip styles. Ideal for coagulation during and after cutting, in pinpoint and zones. Heavy-duty synthetic blue insulation.



Dennis Probe

Designed to perform bipolar submucosal coagulation. Pencil grip for easy handling with a bayonet needle mount for easy intranasal view.


Frazier Monopolar Suction Coagulator

The Frazier monopolar suction coagulator is insulated, angular, with an RF-connector. Brochure includes monopolar cable ordering details.



Reusable Monopolar Electrodes

Cutting and coagulation electrodes in various diameters and for use with a wide variety of handles. Straight, angled, wire loop, oval, diamond, ball electrodes, and more. Also lists handles for foot and handswitching.