Microlaryngoscopy Instrument Set

Millennium Surgical can help you reduce cost of microlaryngoscopy ENT instrument sets used to investigate and remove vocal lesions such as cancer, cysts, granulomas, nodules, papilloma, and polyps. We also offer laryngoscopes, fiber optic instruments, power equipment, and more. The instruments below are only a sample of what we offer, and our trays and completely customizable! To receive a custom quote, contact one of our instrument experts today!

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Product No.

Product Description


13-506814 Phono Scissors Sharp Curved Left Qty: 1
13-506816 Phono Scissors Sharp Curved Right Qty: 1
72-426668 Jako Sharp Hook Acute 26cm Qty: 1
13-505654 Forceps, Cup, Biopsy, Straight, 35cm Qty: 1
13-505106 Jackson Cup Forceps Ang Up 6mm Jaw 28cm  Qty: 1
72-426707 Holinger Laryngeal Dissector 30.5cm overall Qty: 1
72-426842 Feder-Ossoff Probe/Elevator, 30 Deg, Sharp Qty: 1
72-406832 Feder-Ossoff Probe/Elevator, 60 Deg, Blunt Qty: 1
72-406830 Feder-Ossoff Probe/Elevator, 30 Deg, Blunt Qty: 1
72-426884 Feder-Ossoff Phono Circle Knife 3mm taper to - 27cm working length Qty: 1
72-426882 Feder-Ossoff Curved Sickle Knife tapered 3mm-1mm - 27 cm working length Qty: 1