Arthroscopy Instruments from Millennium Surgical

Arthroscopic surgical instruments are designed to ease cutting and trimming with ergonomic designs and balanced weight. They are used in procedures such as hand, hip, knee, shoulder, and other small joint procedures.

Build your own Arthroscopic Instrument Sets for Small Joint, Hip and other procedures! Your facility can save money by only purchasing the instruments and sterilization trays that you require.

Arthroscopic Surgical Instruments and features include:

  • Biters, Graspers and Retrievers
  • Chondrol mallets and chondrol picks with Teflon handles
  • Arthroscopic Punches in styles such as duckling, duckbill, oval, scoop, basket, overbiter, posterior, and rotary.
  • Hooks and Probes, such as Hoen Nerve Hooks and Hook Knives, with features such as triangular and adjustable handles and graduated markings.
  • Meniscal Elevators and Retractors
  • Small Joint instruments such as IVD rongeurs with small jaws.
  • Arthroscopic Scissors with straight and curved blades
  • Suture Cutters and Wound Management instruments
  • Arthroscopes with sapphire lenses and superior imaging.
  • Some designs incorporate a patented pinless hinge.

We offer a diversity of tip designs to permit surgeons access to the smallest of areas. The slim profile allows for maximum maneuverability during small joint procedures.

Comparable to Smith and Nephew's* Acufex line!

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