Fallopian Ring Applicator for Tubal Ligation


About Falope Rings®: A tubal ring, also popularly called a Falope Ring®, is a small silastic-ring shaped band which is placed around the loop of the fallopian tube. During tubal ligation, a 2cm to 3cm segment of the fallopian tube is drawn inside a narrow cone-shaped applicator. The silastic ring, previously stretched around the applicator, is then released onto the tubal loop. Once the silastic ring contracts, the fallopian tube is blocked. Deprived of blood supply, the constricted loop is replaced with scar tissue and the remaining healthy tubal segments separate. For more information on this procedure, click here.

  • Compare to Olympus* Falope-Ring® Band Reusable Applicator (000940-501, 00941-501, and 003226-501), ACMI* Disposable Dual-Incision Falope-Ring® Applicator Kit with 8mm Trocar (ACMI-5280-901 - Trocar not included), and Elmed* (52105-500, 52205-501, 52208-501).

  • Offered in three lengths:
    • 72-52105500: 6mm diameter, 40cm working length for use through an operating scope with a channel of 7mm or larger. Single or dual ring application.
    • 72-52205501: 6mm diameter, 33cm working length for use through a trocar single or dual ring application.
    • 72-52208501: 8mm diameter, 33cm working length for use through a trocar single or dual ring application.

*Falope-Ring® is a registered trademark of Olympus.

Fallopian Ring Applicator for Tubal Ligation

Below are our fallopian ring applicators for tubal ligation. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 72-52105500 Product: 72-52205501 Product: 72-52208501

Product: 72-52005501   Product: 72-52205501M
Compare to ACMI* 52205-501

Fallopian Ring Applicator Brochure

  • Fallopian Ring Applicator Female sterilization by means of Silastic Ring Applicator is a clinically well-established procedure based on decades of experience. Our instruments are completely reusable and fully autoclavable. They are manufactured of the highest grade materials by experienced and skilled craftsmen.

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