Kleppinger Bipolar Forceps and Inserts

Kleppinger Bipolar Forceps and Inserts for Tubal Sterilization and Laparoscopic Coagulation

  • 72-985
  • 72-975
  • 72-970
  • 72-981
  • 72-971
  • 72-980
  • High quality US-made reusable Kleppinger Bipolar Forceps in syringe- and scissor-style handles.

  • Offered in two lengths, 32cm for use with trocar incisions, and 45cm for use with operating laparoscopes.

  • Long-lasting inserts that are also replaceable and easy-to-clean.

  • Reusable inserts offered in 32cm and 45cm lengths, compatible with Richard Wolf* and other manufacturers at significantly lower cost.

  • Compare to Richard Wolf*, Aesculap*, Care Fusion*, Symetry Medical*, Elmed*.


Flat Serrated Paddle


Wave Grip Style Option


Kleppinger Bipolar Forceps

Product: 72-970
Compare to R Wolf*: 8383.24
Complete instrument includes flat serrated paddle insert. Reusable.
Product: 72-971
Compare to R Wolf*: 8383.245
Flat serrated paddle insert compatible with Richard Wolf* Kleppinger.
Product: 72-975
Compare to R Wolf*: 8383.2100
Complete instrument includes flat serrated paddle insert. Reusable.

Product: 72-980
Compare to V Mueller*: F231.07
Complete instrument includes flat serrated paddle insert. Reusable.
Product: 72-981
Compare to Symetry Medical*: 90-1019
Flat serrated paddle insert compatible with Richard Wolf* Kleppinger.
Product: 72-985
Compare to Aesculap*: MF985
Complete instrument includes flat serrated paddle insert. Reusable.

Product: 72-966
Compare to R Wolf*: 8384-21
Reusable. For use with Wolf* generator.
Product: 72-967
Compare to Kirwan*: 10-6005
Reusable. For use with standard generators including Valley Lab*, Conmed*, Stryker*.
Product: 72-52205200S
Compare to Millennium Surgical*:
Complete instrument set including wave grip insert. Reusable.

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