Lighted Fiber Optic Retractors

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  • High-quality, comprehensive offering of fiber optic hand-held retractors for use in plastic, cosmetic, nasal, and general surgery.

  • Popular styles include Tebbetts, Ferriera, Biggs Mammoplasty, Emory, Endo Brow, St. Mark's, and Deaver.

  • Featuring dual Fiber Optic and Suction and Smoke Evacuation Tube.

  • Fiber optic light pipes can be added to any standard retractor.

  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any patient size, with standard interlocking male fittings to connect to female fittings on ACMI*, Richard Wolf*, and Storz/Olympus* cables.

  • Fiber Optic Retractors facilitate visibility in difficult-to-see surgical cavities, increasing exposure to tissue and providing optimal light with a variety of blades, lengths, widths, and angles.

Compare to ASSI*, Snowden Pencer*, V. Mueller*, Black and Black*, Miltex*, Paget*, Integra*, Medline*, Codman*, Vitalcor*, Electro Surgical Instrument Company*, Anthony Products*, CS Surgical*, Hayden*.

Lighted Fiber Optic Retractor Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of lighted fiber optic retractors. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 104-5721021
Fiber Optic Retractor
Compare to Snowden Pencer: 88-1087
Product: 72-9891
Fiber Optic Retractor
Compare to Codman: 50-4627
Product: 104-572111
Fiber Optic Retractor

Product: 104-5721004
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 104-5721031
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 104-5721088
Fiber Optic Retractor
Compare to ASSI: ABR25926

Product: 104-5721060
Fiber Optic Retractor
Compare to ASSI: ABR13826
Product: 104-5721191
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 104-881186
Fiber Optic Retractor
Compare to Snowden Pencer: 88-1186

Product: 104-57210727
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 63-G589-FO
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: MFOC-10R

Product: MFOC-75R Product: 72-153510FO
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 72-159802
Fiber Optic Retractor

Product: 72-P3712255
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 72-P3712275
Fiber Optic Retractor
Product: 36.2000F
Fiber Optic Retractor

  Product: 104-5721027
Fiber Optic Retractor

Lighted Fiber Optic Retractor Brochure

  • Fiber Optic Retractors Tebbets, Ferriera, Biggs, Multi-Approach, Facelift, and Emory Retractors. Wieder Depressors, Aufricht and Maliniac, Deaver, Harrigton, and More.
  • Fiberoptic Britetrac Retractors Ideal for Plastic Surgeons, Otolaryngologist, and General Surgeons. Enhancing tissue exposure with cold fiber-optic light.
  • Xenon Lightsources Xenon Lightsources and Headlamps including complete White Star and White Sun systems, portable headlamp sets, LED systems, light sources, and rechargeable lithium batteries.

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