McCulloch Retractor Set

  • McCulloch-Retractor-Millennium-Surgical
  • McCulloch Retractor Sterilization Tray Millennium Surgical
  • McCulloch retractor for use in lumbar spine procedures for micro dissectomy. Available in light-weight titanium, radio opaque allowing for excellent interoprative imaging.

  • Durable and versatile retractor frames in rigid and hinged designs.

  • Blades slide easily onto the frame for easy set up and break down.

  • Wide variety of blades offered including toothed blades, hook blades, and muscle blades in a variety of widths.

  • We offer the largest range of blades available.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Retractor is also offered with colored blades to allow quick identification.

  • Comparable to Neuro Spine Shadow-LineĀ® McCulloch Retractor System.

  • Available as a complete set, with or without accessory instruments. Select only the instruments you require.

  • Compare to Buxton*, Codman*, Stealth*, Link*, TeDan*, V. Mueller*, Care Fusion*, NSI*, Life Instruments*, Medtronic*, Sofamor Danek*, Boss*, Spine Surgical Innovation*, Jarit*, Integra*, Redmond*, Ruggles*, Mizuho*, Koros*, and Aesculap*.

McCulloch Retractors

Product: 8-3232-HT

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9701-H

Product: 8-3230T

Compare to Tedan Surgical* LS-0302

Product: 8-3241T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-012

Product: 8-3242T

Compare to Aesculap* MF370T

Product: 8-3243T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-014

Product: 8-3234T

Compare to Tedan Surgical* LS-0320

Product: 8-3235T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-022

Product: 8-3536T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-023

Product: 8-3237T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-024

Product: 8-3252T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-031

Product: 8-3253T

Compare to Tedan Surgical* LS-0382

Product: 8-3254T

Compare to Aesculap* MF383T

Product: 8-3255T

Compare to Aesculap* MF384T

Product: 8-3259T

Compare to Tedan Surgical* LS-0340

Product: 8-3250T

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9702-042

Product: 8-T3231 Product: 8-3232-RT

Compare to V. Mueller* NL9701

Product: 8-3272

Compare to Boss* 73-1553

Product: 8-3273

Compare to Boss* 73-1554

Product: 8-3274

Compare to Boss* 73-1564

Product: 8-3276

Compare to Boss* 73-1571

Product: 8-3277

Compare to Boss* 73-1572

Product: 8-3278

Compare to Boss* 73-1590

Product: 8-3279

Compare to Boss* 73-1593

Product: 8-3283

Compare to Boss* 73-1598

Product: 9-59707011

Compare to Boss* 72-1902

Product: SS3514-C

Compare to V Mueller* S-1812

Product: SS-3508

Compare to SSI* 57-5786

Product: SS3508-140

Compare to Stealth Surgical* SS3508-140

Product: SS3519-C

Compare to Boss* 73-1480

Product: SS3509

Compare to Boss* 73-1482

Product: SS3509-140

Compare to Stealth Surgical* SS3509-140


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