McCulloch Retractor Set

  • MBlack Basic Retractor Set
  • MBlack Microdiscectomy Set
  • McCulloch Hook Blade
  • McCulloch Multi Tooth Hook Blade
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  • McCulloch-Retractor-Black
  • McCulloch Wide Blade
  • McCulloch Narrow Blade
  • McCulloch Retractor Sets are used in lumbar spine procedures for microdissectomy.

  • The Clear-Line Black McCulloch Retractor Set is designed with interchangeable components that will work with existing McCulloch Retractors.

  • The Retractor Frame is durable and versatile with hinged arms.

  • The Blades slide easily onto the frame for easy set up and break down. They are radiolucent and compatible with McCulloch Retractor systems.

  • Wide variety of blades and hooks are available in a variety of widths and styles such as wide, narrow, and multi-tooth. 

  • We offer the largest range of blades available.

  • Lifetime guarantee.

  • Download the McCulloch Retractor System brochure here!
  • Available as a complete set, with or without accessory instruments. Select only the instruments you require.

  • Compare to Stealth*, Symmetry*, TeDan*, V. Mueller*, Care Fusion*, NSI*, Life Instruments*, Medtronic*, Sofamor Danek*, Boss*, Spine Surgical Innovation*, Jarit*, Integra*, Redmond*, Ruggles*, Mizuho*, Koros*, and Aesculap*.

Clear-Line™ McCulloch Retractor and Microdiscectomy Sets

For more information on these McCulloch Retractor Systems and their components, contact an Instrument Expert for more information! Parts are also available separately and smaller sets are also available.

The microdiscectomy set includes the same blades and hooks as the retractor set, but also includes additional components, such as nerve root retractors and osteotomes. Click below to expand

Product: 118-8001 Product: 118-8000 Product: 118-0200

Set includes four sizes of narrow and wide blades (pairs), four single hooks, and four multi-tooth hooks.

Set includes retractor frame and blades, cobb elevators, suction tubes, ball probes, manipulation hook, nerve root retractor, osteotomes, chisels, and a double-ended elevator.

The retractor frame features hinged arms. Blades are easy to slide on and remove.

⇓ 118-8001: McCulloch (M-Black) Retractor Set Components ⇓

  • The McCulloch Retractor Set features one pair each of four sizes of narrow and wide blades, four single hooks, and four multi-tooth hooks in a storage and sterilization tray. Components are also available separately.
    Narrow Blades - one pair of each
    McCulloch Narrow Blade   

    Product Number / Blade Size
    118-204 - 4 cm (pair)
    118-205 - 5 cm (pair)
    118-206 - 6 cm (pair)
    118-207 - 7 cm (pair)

    Wide Blades - one pair of each
    McCulloch Wide Blade   

    Product Number / Blade Size
    118-274 - 4 cm (pair)
    118-275 - 5 cm (pair)
    118-276 - 6 cm (pair)
    118-277 - 7 cm (pair)

    Hooks - one of each
    McCulloch Hook Blade  

    Product Number / Blade Size
    118-H3 - 3 cm (1)
    118-H4 - 4 cm (1)
    118-H5 - 5 cm (1)
    118-H6 - 6 cm (1)

    Multi-Tooth Hook - one of each
    McCulloch Multi Tooth Hook Blade   Product Number / Blade Size
    118-MH3 - 3 cm (1)
    118-MH4 - 4 cm (1)
    118-MH5 - 5 cm (1)
    118-MH6 - 6 cm (1)

⇓ 118-8000: McCulloch Microdiscectomy Set Components ⇓

⇓ McCulloch Extended Blades and Hooks ⇓

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