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Flash GuardTM / Immediate Use

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Micro Instrument Sterilization Trays

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Orthopedic Instrument Racks

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Metal Sterilization Trays

Lap Instrument Tray

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Stainless Steel Trays


  • We offer a large selection of instrument containers and stainless steel ware backed by expert customer support.
  • Fast delivery!
  • Autoclavable plastic instrument trays with features such as silicone mats and bars, and insert trays.
  • Closed containers for Immediate Use / Flash Sterilization
  • Extensive line of micro instrument trays ideally designed to support micro instruments.
  • Laparoscopic, Cath, Mayo, and Rigid Endoscope trays with repositionable silicone inserts.
  • Metal Instrument Trays with and without lids.
  • Instrument Stringers and Instrument Racks in a variety of sizes and with varying methods of closure.
  • Closed Container Systems
  • Cleaning Baskets
  • Surgical instrument cleaning and decontamination products, including nylon and metal brushes.
  • Racks specifically designed for alligator forceps, rongeurs, curettes, osteotomes, picks, knives, probes, R-Type dissector sets, orthopedic wires and drill sets, and more!


  • Flash Guard Outlines the Flash Guard product line and accessories, such as handles, gloves, lids, baskets, and inserts.
  • KWire and Pin Rack and Dispensers Case holds 9" k-wires and pins. Folds closed for storage and serves as table-top stand when in use. Four-chambered and perforated dispensers. Brochure includes K-wire and pin ordering information.
  • Lap Instrument Scope Tray and Rack Lap chole inserts in a variety of sizes. Single- and double-level, and optional pin mats for additional instrument storage.
  • Metal Trays for General Instruments Perforated metal trays for general instruments, scopes, cameras, lap instruments, lap chole cases, rongeurs, and osteotomes. Compatible with standard cycles for steam, ETO, and TSO-3 Ozone sterilizers.
  • Microsurgical Cases Microsurgical instrument trays designed for ophthalmic, micro, and delicate instruments. Single layer and double layer.
  • Plastic Trays A variety of plastic sterilization trays from mini, micro and 10", to trays for phaco and diamond knives, scopes, and more. Includes accessories.
  • Stainless Steel Ware Stainless steel bowls, jars, basins, trays, and more.
  • Sterilization Containers A complete line of full- half- and three-quarter-size containers, lids, baskets, and accessories.
  • Surgical Instrument Care Catalog Cleaning brushes, drying rack and brush holder, stringers, trays, vented instrument tip protectors.
  • Surgical Instrument Sterilization Trays and Products This sterilization tray brochure features our best selling containers including plastic, micro, lap chole trays, stainless steel, orthopedic racks, stringers, and pouch racks.
  • Trays for Rongeurs, Endo, Lap Chole, Osteotomes Sterilization trays for use in reprocessing lap chole, endoscopes, rongeur forceps, and osteotomes.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners A variety of ultrasonic cleaners, with and without covers, mechanical timers, heat, and digital control.

Millennium offers a full range of high quality instruments including but not limited to the items listed below:
Instrument Cases and Racks
Finger Tip Mats
Tray Lids and Bases
Instrument Inserts
Instrument Trays
Insert Trays
Mini Trays
Placo Trays
Microsurgical Trays
Diamond Knife Trays
Scope Trays
Microsurgical Cases
Pin Mats
Flash Closed Containers
Laparoscopic Instrument Trays
Lap Chole Cases
Silicone Bases and Mats