Custom Surgical Instruments

We work with German, American and manufacturers of high-quality custom surgical instruments to replicate patterns that have been discontinued, to modify existing instruments, and to develop instruments to fulfill a surgeon's needs.

Surgical facilities, surgeons, and medical device firms all turn to Millennium Surgical to quickly and afforadably acquire the surgical instruments they require.

We work with American, German and manufacturers of high-quality surgical instruments to duplicate patterns that have been discontinued. We can quickly duplicate an instrument when a sample is provided. We can modify existing instruments quickly, often within four weeks. If a new surgical instrument's design demands development, we work closely with the client from concept through drawing, vendor selection, and production.

Our expertise includes instruments for ophthalmology, spine surgery, laparoscopy, electrosurgical instruments, bipolar forceps, orthopedics, and surgical instruments with fiber optics for improved visualization. Specific capabilities include microsurgical instruments, retractors, and rongeurs. We offer sources for titanium, stainless steel, PEEK, laser etching of instruments, insulated coatings, ebonizing, sand-blasted finishing, packaging, and distribution.

The products below are just a few of the custom instruments we have developed.

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