Urology Surgical Instruments


Millennium Surgical can help you compare and reduce cost if you currently use any of the following vendors for your urology surgical instrument needs:


Zinnanti Surgical*
Thomas Medical*

V. Mueller*
R. Wolf*
K. Storz*


Urology Surgical Instrument Best Sellers

These are only a few examples of our high-quality urology surgical instruments. Many of the instruments we offer are sourced through the same manufacturers as higher-priced name-brand instrument companies. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 9-128390
Compare to: Millennium Surgical
Product: 1-70112
Compare to: Aesculap*
Product: 200-0030
Compare to: ASSI*

Product: 1-288
Compare to: Pilling*
Product: 1-124090012
Compare to: V. Mueller*
Product: 1-29816
Compare to: Miltex*

Product: 200-0010
Compare to: ASSI*
Product: 1-289
Compare to: Miltex*
Product: 72-3180039
Compare to: Wolfe*

Product: 63-G6105-FO-C Product: 72-5130061
Compare to: K Storz*
Product: U500

Product: U501-24 Product: U501-28 Product: U515-24

Product: 72-3130083
Compare to Karl Storz* 270752A
Product: U515-28 Product: 72-3190021
Compare to ACMI / Olympus* 00124

Product: RET107K-06 Product: U311RS-014 Product: U316RS-014

Product: U415 Product: U413 Product: M25

Product: U322-06 Product: CET107K-07 Product: CET107K-06

Product: 1-042810
Other Sizes Available
Product: 63-CS882225 Product: 63-CS882240

Product: U310R
Compare to Storz* 27040 F
Product: U311R
Compare to Storz* 27040 G
Product: U315R
Compare to Storz* 27050 F

Product: U316R
Compare to Storz* 27050 F
Product: U432R
Compare to ACMI*/Elite* MLE-28-012
Product: U433R
Compare to ACMI*/Elite* MLE-26-012

Product: U434R
Compare to ACMI*/Elite* MLE-24-012
Product: U414J Product: U414L

  Product: U414R  

Gynecology / Urology Instrument Specialty Pages

Browse through our most popular instrument types and specialities using the links below. Don't see what you're looking for? Try browsing by type or specialty using the main menu. If you know what you need, contact us!

Millennium offers a full range of high quality instruments including but not limited to the items listed below:
Sims Curettes
Thomas Curettes
Kevorkian-Young Biopsy Forceps
Luikart-Simpson Obsterical Forceps
Heaney Forceps
Auvard Speculums
Graves Vaginal Speculums
Hank Dilator Sets
Simpson Sounds
Schroeder Tenaculum Forceps
Heaney Needle Holders
Heaney-Ballentine Clamps
Laser Use Instruments
Laser Specula & Retractors
LEEP Use Instruments
LEEP Specula & Retractors
LEEP Electrodes
Zepplin Scissors
Zepplin Clamps
Biopsy Punches
Smoke Evacuators
Hysterectomy Scissors
Kleppinger Type Tubal Forceps
Micro Surgical Instruments
*The above referenced company names are registered trademarks of the respective owners of the companies. Millennium Surgical Corp. / surgicalinstruments.com are not affiliated with the above companies. Millennium Surgical does not buy or distribute products from the above companies.
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