Femoral Elevators

  • Femoral Elevators are designed to elevate the proximal femur during total hip or hemi-arthroplasty and during direct anterior approach procedures.

  • Durability and longevity. High-quality, sturdy handles and retractor blades.

  • Minimum components and solid connections on modular instruments, easy to maintain.

  • Offered in a variety of lengths and styles to accommodate all size patients.

  • Extra-leverage styles for hip surgeries with larger patients, when larger instruments are needed for increased length and depth.

  • Excellent return on investment - Completely reusable and fully-autoclavable.

  • Compare to Depuy*, Zimmer*, Innomed*, G. Source*, George Teimann*, Integra*.

Femoral Elevators Best Sellers

These are only a few of examples of our extensive line of femoral elevators. Don't see what you're looking for? Browse our website, use the search function, or contact an Instrument Expert for more information!

Product: 22-217610
Compare to Depuy*: 2176-10
Product: 43.9420 Product: 43.9425

Product: 43.9428
Compare to George Tiemann*: 80-1822
Product: 43.9438
Compare to:
George Teimann*: 080-1822
Product: 101-D6113
Compare to Innomed*: D6113

Product: 101-6145
Compare to Innomed*: 6145
Product: 101-7650
Compare to Innomed*: 7650
Product: 101-765002
Compare to Innomed*: 7650-02

Product: 101-D6111
Compare to Innomed*: D6111
Product: 101-6144
Compare to Innomed*: 6144
Product: 101-6148
Compare to Innomed*: 6148

Product: 101-341001
Compare to Innomed*: 341001
Product: 101-3410
Compare to Innomed*: 3410

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